Avengers Endgame Reviews Just Read In 10 Minutes

Avengers Endgame Reviews

Avengers Endgame Reviews

If we check the review of this movie on Google then it has been given a review of 4.7 and it is ratings 15421 

  • Rotten Tomatoes – 94%
  • Common Sense Media – 5/5
  • Indi Wire – 3.5/5

Avengers Endgame is the last movie after doing a lot of movies about 22 films avengers endgame begins only after infinity war is over and all the avengers have been shown inside this movie in this Thanos is shown to be very powerful because he has all the stones in his hand There were many Avengers lets start the war to kill the note The biggest sad part of this movie is the part which iron man dies.

Avengers Endgame Cast

  1. Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man
  2. Chris Evans – Captain America
  3. Scarlet Johansson – Natasha  Romanoff
  4. Chris Hemsworth – Thor
  5. Jeremy Renner – Clint Barton
  6. Mark Ruffalo – Hulk
  7. Brie Larson – Carol Danvers
  8. Don Cheadle – James Rhodes
  9. Paul Rudd – Ant-Man
  10. Elizabeth Olsen – Wanda Maximoff
  11. Josh Brolin – Thanos
  12. Karen Gillan – Nebula
  13. Tom Holland – Spider-Man
  14. Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther
  15. Jon Favreau – Happy Favreau
  16. Sabastian Stan – Bucky Barnes
  17. Gwyneth Paltrow – Pepper Potts
  18. Lexi Rabe – Morgan Stark
  19. Danai Gurira – Okoye
  20. Chris Pratt – Star-Lord
  21. Benedict Cumberbatch – Doctor Strange
  22. Zoe Saldana – Gamora
  23. Tom Hiddleston – Loki
  24. Bradley Cooper – Rocket
  25. Anthony Mackie – Falcon
  26. Benedict – Wong
  27. Natalie Portman – Jane Foster
  28. Evangeline Lilly – Hope Pym
  29. Joe Russo
  30. Hiroyuki Sanada – Akihiko
  31. Ty Simpkins – Harley
  32. Dava Bautista – Drax the Destroyer
  33. Samuel L. Jackson – Nick Fury
  34. Tessa Thompson – Valkyrie
  35. Leonardo Dicaprio
  36. Katherine Langford – Morgan Stark

These All Super Stars Are casting Avengers Endgame

People Have Some Questions About this movie Related

  • Is Avengers Endgame The Last One? – Yes
  • Is there an Avengers 5? – NO
  • Which Avengers are alive after Endgame? – Is ant-man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Wong, Falcon, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Hulk, Spider-Man, Warmachine, wasp, winter soldier, Okoye.
  • is Avengers Endgame Best Movie Ever? – Yes This is Most Best Film.

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Avengers Endgame Reviews Trailer

(Avengers Endgame Reviews) This Movie Trailer Is the most Amazing in the world and this is one of the best trailers. The Trailer of this movie has been released on Marvel Entertainment YouTube Channel And the views of this video are about 150 Million The trailer of this movie was released on 14 March 2019 and the trailer of this movie has got almost 3.3 Million likes and the trailer of 3 lakh has been commented on. People have liked the trailer of this movie very much.

Avengers Endgame Release Date

This movie was released in India and USA on 26 April 2019.

People have Some Question About This Release date Topic

  • When did Avengers Endgame Release in America? – April 26, 2019
  • When can I Watch Avengers Endgame on Tv? – It depends on Country Television.
  • Is Avengers Endgame on Disney plus us? – Yes This Is Available in all languages on Disney Plus
  • Where is Endgame Available? – Disney Plus
Avengers Endgame Reviews Directors

Avengers Endgame Directors There are two directors for this movie Anthony Russo and Joe Russo These directors are counted among the most notable directors and He has made many movies.

Movies Created by Anthony Russo – Avengers Endgame, Cherry, The Grey Man, Avengers Infinity War, Welcome to Collinwood, 21 Bridges, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Extraction, Pieces, Relic, A merry Friggin Chrismas, Past Midnight, etc., and many more movies have been made by Anthony Russo.

Movies Created by Joe Russo – Extraction, Extraction 2, Captain America Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil War, Foxchatcher

Avengers Endgame Reviews Budget

It took about 35.6 Million USD to make this movie and Avengers infinity war cost 31.6 Millon USD Endgame Costs more money than Infinity war

People Search on the Google for this topic related questions

  • Which Marvel Movie has the biggest budget? – Avengers Age of Ultron 495 Million USD
  • Which is the lowest budget Marvel movie? – Ant-Man is Lowest Budget Movie in Marvel
  • What was Avengers Budget? – 22 Crores USD

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Avengers Endgame Reviews Collection

This movie has broken the record of all the movies so far and this movie has earned a lot of money According to estimates this movie has earned 1.93 Billion This conjecture is not correct at all it is only a conjecture. if we talk about a country like India in terms of earning money so this movie has earned about 188 Crores according to an estimate.

People Have Some Questions About This Topic

  • What is the collection of Avengers Endgame? – 1.93 Billion
  • Is Endgame a Flop? –  No this movie broke all the box office records and it is a very Hit Movie.
  • How Much Did Avengers Endgame Cost? – 35.6 Crores USD
  • What is the first-day collection of avengers endgame in India? – This Movie earned 31 Crores on the first day.
  • Which movie is the Highest collection in the world? – Avatar, Avengers Endgame, Titanic.
Avengers Endgame Reviews IMDB

Now I am going to tell you reviews of this movie on the IMDB website

  • IMDB Rating – 8.4/10
  •  Popularity – 49
  • User Reviews – 9.4K User Reviews
  • Critic Reviews – 591
  • Metascore – 78

All this information is available on the IMDB Website.

Avengers Endgame Reviews Topic

Name – Avengers: Endgame

Movie Languages – English, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, and other Languages.

Movie Quality Available- 4k, 2k, 1080p, 720, 480, 320. All quality is available in this movie.

Movie Type- Action, Thriller, Adventure, Fight.

Movie Time – 3h 1m

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